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10 years ago Rebecca’s world was turned upside down when she had her stroke. Doctors and specialists advised her to prepare for the worst. She was told she may not ever walk, talk or even be able to function independently ever again. Little did the health professionals know, Rebecca was determined to prove them all wrong. Over 10 years of hard work and small miracles every day, Rebecca not only regained her mobility, speech and independence, she got her license, a stable income through employment and got married to an amazing and supportive man, whilst advocating for fellow stroke survivors and volunteering her time to raise awareness for improved disability services. Over 10 years of repetitive rehabilitation work could not regain the strength she need in some of her more weaker and dormant muscles on her stroke affected side. This is where VisionGym was able to work with this remarkable woman. The Visionbody Electro-Muscular Stimulation (EMS) Training system is able to reach and activate those weaker muscle and activate them similar to that of the messages the brain sends to her healthy muscles. With the assistance of the Visionbody technology and guided by an Exercise Physiologist we have been able to activate and train strength, movement and flexibility back into these areas, and help bring to Rebecca new hope. The attached video will tell you more about this amazing woman. Please watch.

Road to recovery


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