Weight, Total Body Water,
Fat Mass, Muscle Mass,
BMI, Visceral Fat and more
based on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Perfect basics in body composition analysis

Overall obesity diagnosis using BMI & body fat mass ratio
Waist-hip ratio & Visceral fat area analysis
Segmental analysis for fat & muscle
Well-formatted display with easy data recognition
Observation of changing trend by accumulated data management

Convenience for both user and admin

Wide scale(10.1”) touch screen LCD for user convenience
Intuitive UI for self measurement
Offering overall data for easy understanding
Measured data management by user registration
Offering App for membership management, for administrator in hospitals or for trainers in the gym

Connectivity makes it Smart

  • Automatic upgrade of the built-in software
  • Internet connectivity via WiFi and LAN
  • Wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi) printer supported
  • External interface for interconnection with other devices
    (BP monitor, stadiometer, exercise equipment and so on)
  • Web & mobile app supported based on cloud service
  • Simple membership management using RFID or barcode
  • Deigned based on standard API for other medical devices and health care
    services to be connected to the same Smart Healthcare Platform

Rich Information in Simple Form

Body composition data is offered in comparison with average values of standard range.
Muscle mass, skeletal muscle mass, fat mass and fat free mass are presented.
BMI, percent body fat and obesity degree are analysed for obesity diagnosis.
Determination of abdominal obesity type by measuring waist-hip ratio and visceral fat.
Fat and muscle mass of the 5 different segments (trunk, arms and legs) in comparison with standard values are presented.
The outcome of measured data is shown as a point out of 100 and a grade 1 to 5 for simple and easy understanding.
Body water, protein, mineral and fat free mass are shown with standard range.
The weight control should be based on height, measured fat mass and muscle mass, which can be used to set proper goal of weight.
Information of basal metabolic rate and recommended daily calorie is useful to control daily food consumption and calorie intake.
The 5 recent measuring data is listed by its own recording function, which is useful information to maintain weight control.