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Get the body you want with the 20 minute workout

Reach your goals faster, better

Yes, you read right. 20 minutes EMS training is all you need to replace a four-hour traditional workout. EMS is the most sophisticated exercise equipment currently available.

With VisionBody, maximum performance increases by up to 30% in just a few weeks, and muscle mass grows by up to 14% in just a few months. Using state of the art EMS technology, our training sessions will get you your target body shape, in as little time and effort as possible.

Benefits of EMS

Quick and Lasting Results

In 6 weeks on average our clients experiences up to 4% decrease in body fat. In 10 weeks both male and female clients experience on average 1.5 - 2cm reduction in the waist and hips. In 12 weeks achieve weight loss of 3-4kg and reduction of body fat of up to 10%.

Reduce Fat % in 3 weeks
Reduce body fat % in 12 weeks
The Difference

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3 Important facts you need to know about EMS

It’s Pain Free

The electrical current is low impulse and completely safe. Whilst the sessions can be intense, the actual feeling of the impulses is gentle and non-invasive. Our trainers will customise your routine suited to your personal capabilities and goals.

It’s for Anyone

Come and join us whether you are young or more senior. We can work with you to fit in with your schedule and adjust the exercise plan based on the initial assessment.

It’s attainable

We’ll work together with you to set your fitness goals, and we’ll help track your progress on a monthly basis with a body composition analyzer. Commit to our programme, and achieve your target body shape in a short period of time!